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Login & Enter your measurements under “Enter Data”

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Get wellness coordination

We will recommend personalized services and products you need to increase your wellness 


How It works

  • Create a wellness tracking account
    Click "Login/signup" to create your account, click last button "sign up" and provide some basic information about yourself and get a Wellnescript ID
  • Start Entering measurements
    Go to "My Dashboard" and start entering your body measurements, exercises, blood sugar and blood pressure levels, depending on your reason for signing up. Each time you take a measurement remember to update your records with new measurement
  • Post pictures of your food
    Take pictures of your food when you eat and post on "My dashboard" under "My Food & Exercise" link
  • Reports
    View your reports under "My Dashboard" under "My Reports" link
  • Remote monitoring
    Our inbuilt algorithms flag users who are not doing well and need wellness and care coordination, making interventions proactive and preventative
  • See a Wellness Coach
    Meet a Wellness Coach privately via video-conferencing or a phone call
    Get personalized wellness and care Coaching
  • Get personalized wellness and care services
    Each time you consult a doctor provide your Wellnescript ID so they can personalize your management using your reports

Diabetes Wellness & Care Coordination

We help our clients manage diabetes through wellness and care coordination

Corporate Wellness

We partner with corporates to provide wellness, prediabetes and prehypertension screening and personalized wellness programs 

Hypertension Wellness & Care Coordination

We help our clients manage hypertension through wellness and care coordination

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Digital Wellness Accounts

Digital wellness accounts

Electronic Records





Lifestyle Therapies

Balanced Wellness

Physical activity



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Wellness Monitoring

Remote activity trackers

Physical Assessments

Online assessments

Blood tests



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Wellness Coordination

Wellness Coaching



Wellness Promotions





Wellness Shop

Self monitoring gadgets

Herbs & Supplements

Exercise Gear



Why Choose Us


Our Solutions have high Impact, are Complete and low cost.



Our solutions are impact focused at both individual and corporate level.



Our solutions are end-to-end solving all pain points in the wellness processes


Low Cost

Our Solutions are scalable and affordable and save costs on medical bills

Wellnescript Solutions is a pioneering digital wellness and health startup.

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