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Affordable Training & Services

On-demand Wellness training and services that fit your schedule at a fraction of the cost.

Effective Training & Services

Quizzes, gamification, webinars, interviews with personalised engagement and feedback

Actionable Training & Services

Encourages and supports uptake of positive wellness habits at personal level.

Our Most Popular Courses

Take our Expert-led Wellness courses and increase your happiness and success

Breast Cancer Prevention

This module empowers employees with Breast Cancer awareness and prevention training and links to Breast Cancer services and faciities.

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Cervical Cancer Prevention

This modules empowers women with Cervical Cancer awareness and prevention training and links Cervical Cancer services and facilities.

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Employee Happiness & Success Bootcamp

The Employee Happiness and Success Bootcamp is a 2 month long, 12 module virtual bootcamp with activities that empower employees to increase happiness and success in their lives.

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Enjoy a creative and productive environment with wellness training

Achieve happiness and Success at Employee and Company level.

Reggie Mutetwa — Founder & CEO.

Our platform provides flexible, on-demand, affordable and personalised wellness training for corporate employees. Our training supports uptake of positive wellness habits by employees.

Our Training are high impact, and go beyond theory. Employees experience positive change in their lives during and off work. In addition our trainings are connected to on-premise wellness and health services by qualified personnel.

Our trainings give your company a unique competitive edge of balanced and self-determinant employees.

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